Rui Chen, PhD Candidate (co-mentored  with Prof. Yujie Sun at Chemistry)

Guiqian Fang, PhD, Postdoc

Bidyut Kundu, PhD, Postdoc (co-mentored  with Prof. Yujie Sun at Chemistry)

Kangqiang Qiu, PhD, Postdoc

Owen Tyoe, PhD Candidate

Aditya Yadav, PhD, Postdoc

Yuxin Wang, PhD Candidate


Chinta Aryal, PhD, Postdoc, 2021-2022

Alexander Bunk, Rotation Student, 2020

Bin Cai, Visiting Student, 2017-2019

Matthew Chae, Undergraduate Student, 2023 Summer

Yun-Sheng Chan, PhD, Postdoc, 2022-2023

Gang Chen, PhD, Postdoc, 2019

Qixin Chen, PhD, Visiting Student, 2017-2019; Postdoc 2020

    *Current position: Professor, Shandong First Medical University, China

Yang Chen, PhD, Postdoc, 2018-2019

    *Current position: Associate Professor, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Michael Crowe, Research Assistant, 2016-2018

Yang Du, MD, Visiting Scholar, 2018-2020

Hongbao Fang, PhD, Visiting Student, 2019-2020

    *Current position: Associate Professor, Nanjing Normal University, China

Suzanne Funk, Undergraduate Student, 2020-2021

Garrett Poetker, Undergraduate Student, 2021 Summer

Daniel Hall, PhD, Postdoc, 2019-2021

Xiao Hu, PhD, Postdoc, 2019-2020

Yachong Hu, Visiting Student, 2017-2018

Jiuwei Lu, PhD, Postdoc, 2016-2017

Lia Macaskillm, Undergraduate Student, 2021-2022

Ying Qing, Rotation Student, 2016

Fiona Rowan, Research Assistant, 2022-2023

Xintian Shao, Visiting Student, 2018-2019

    *Current position: Associate Professor, Shandong First Medical University, China

Lei Wang, PhD, Postdoc, 2021-2022

Yongyao Wang, Visiting Student, 2016-2018

Kai Wu, PhD, Visiting Student, 2019-2020

Xiuqiong Xu, Research Assistant, 2022-2023

Zhiwei Yang, PhD, Visiting Scholar, 2017-2018

Luning Yu, Rotation Student, 2018

Chengying Zhang, Visiting Graduate Student, 2021-2022