1. Nanoparticle structures for biomedical detection.

   2. Open microfluidics based on field programmable gate array.


   1. Physiological roles of proteins related to neurodegeneration.

   2. Epigenetic modifications of cell-free DNAs.


   1. Single-vesicle study of SNARE-mediated membrane fusion.

   2. Single-particle analysis of membrane/protein dynamics.

   3. Membrane dynamics involved in cellular process.

   4. Super-resolution study of subcellular dynamics.

3D-structured illumination, super-resolution microscope.

Prism-type total internal reflection fluorescence microscope.

Nikon objective-type total internal reflection fluorescence microscope.

Nanopore measurement system.

Open microfluidics system.

Three ÄKTA systems.

SpectraMax i3x system